Here are some of the project snapshots from the projects our staff was involved with that we can share:

FormFactorDeluxe StudiosAkamai
UN Theodorou




* Barimba: Designed Webb Application and middleware for asset tracking application

* FormFactor: multicore parallelization of internal CAD system and porting to hybrid cloud solution. Custom iPad app for upper-management review and approval of projects.

* Deluxe Studios: iPad/iPhone app development for Starz, Encore and Movieplex published on iTunes 2012.

* Akamai: mobile media development and securitization

* United Nations: Conference Management System Web Project. ICMS is considered largest and most important UT's IT project in last 5 years, covered meeting application for all UN duty-stations worldwide.

* Traceability software for food and beverage industry for Theodorou Automation, Greece. Development of embedded software for SCADA.

* PanelVision: MultiScope device which utilized multiple e-Beams used to inspect electrical properties of the individual pixels on semi-fabricated Liquid Crystal Displays.

* Metrologix: Metrostep and KLA-80XX series of eBeam Critical Dimension Metrology Scanning Electron Microscopes.

* Optonics: Emiscope I and II
IC Circuit Debug System Using Time-Resolved Emission Ideal for non-invasive, sub-picosecond timing and logic measurements of silicon ICs.

* Step Communications: Set of Noise separation and Noise canceling algorithms (acquired by Dolby Laboratories).

* Savi: Performance testing of RFID active tags, RFID-GPS-GPRS (RGG) tag, Mesh Tag

* Savi Networks: RFID-GPS-GPRS (RGG) tag.
Development of GPRS server